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About Us

    Petpals Global is located in Dongguan, China. Since the establishment of the store, it has developed rapidly and its business has continued to grow. 

    It mainly deals in pet daily necessities, accessories, and a rich production line covering pet grooming kit,New Pet Technology products,Pet tracking device,Cat climbing rack, leashes, etc. 

Quality Control

In our work, ensuring that each and every product meets or exceeds your expectations is our top priority.

Raw Material ​

Our raw material testing ensures top-quality product manufacturing. We work with trusted suppliers, conduct inspections, and perform quality tests to meet standards.​


For some products like automatic cat litter box, pet feeder, pet dryer machine etc. These have PCB, we will use related instruments to do the testing. To make sure there are no any problem. ​

Visual Inspection​

This is what we will on on all products, we have trained our workers check the product's quality during the product. Make sure the product's appearance meet our customer's request.​


Our shipping inspection process ensures that the products are well-packaged and complete with all accessories to ensure customers receive their goods intact and without any doubts.​

Why Choose Us

Diverse Product Range

We offer a wide variety of pet supplies, catering to different types of pets, from food to toys, we have it all.

High-Quality Assurance

We maintain strict quality control to ensure that our products meet standards and exceed customer expectations.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

We are committed to environmental responsibility, offering eco-friendly pet supply options to reduce our environmental impact.

Excellent Customer Service

Our professional customer service team is available to provide friendly support, ensuring your satisfaction.

Client Testimonials

Wanna Cooperation

Trust is where cooperation starts. Contact  us to get the catalog